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Testimonials from Teachers & Aspiring Teachers of Shemiran Ibrahim's Middle Eastern Dance Teacher Training Method Certifications, Workshops & Programs:

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Australian Bellydance Teachers Retreat Blue Mountains 2013

Xaeda Star Performer & Teacher

"One of the most amazing pivotal moments I had in dance was doing my teacher training with Shemiran. I learnt so much about the teacher I wanted to be and gained the confidence needed to move forward in my own dance adventure. Love it and recommend it to everyone. You don't have to be a teacher to gain the benefits, just knowing and understanding the teaching process and applying it to your dancing and normal life will open doors you never thought possible."
Xaeda - Kylie Walter. Sacred Lotus Bellydance & Professional Star Performer 

“This is the best bellydance material I have ever studied….Your videos (DVDs) are truly a delight, I realized I was watching the DVD and I was smiling all the way through it. Your work has an amazing energy to it! ….Your course has made me so happy, I am in love : ) The approach of your method is exactly what I was looking for”.
Lamia F. Casablanca. Morocco. 

"I am very thankful for your program and method because I have a love for this style of dance and it has been hard for me to find quality instruction of the how-tos. For this reason, one of my intentions has been to provide others with open, inviting, and quality belly dance instruction from my heart to theirs and you're making this more possible for me”.
Tiffani B. Norfolk VA. USA. 

Certification Intensive Sydney 2011 with Dahlia & Layla"Absolutely fantastic and inspiring, this has given a clear concise curriculum to teach my students...It is simple and easy to understand. On a practical level it has given me the skills to improve my business side of things, as I am so focused on the dance side and feel my business skills are lacking so you have given me some fabulous ideas to improve this - the main reason I came (to this certification intensive), also too to add depth and energy to my class instead of me focusing on technique all the time. On a personal level I felt you are a wonderful teacher, so full of positive energy and vibe which makes your Teaching from the Heart Method so fulfilling. Thank you so much".
Dahlia; Director Dahlia's Bellydancing Studio

"Dearest Shemiran, Thank you for a well thought out and presented Teachers' Training Intensive. As a teacher you always wonder whether you are doing well or whether you are on the right path. Your curriculum is both informative and a logical process to follow, and although I have been teaching for many years I have learnt a new method of teaching and thinking, as well as re-affirming a few of my current methods. Thank you for your feedback and ideas. A total pleasure and honour to be present at this workshop and thank you for giving us a new beginning".
Leyla of Perth (Sandy Borralho)

Sophie Alize Star Performer & Teacher"Fantastic, well explained, articulate wonderful useful information for teachers and teachers-to-be. You are an inspiration to me Shemiran. Teachers with so much soul are rare. Thank you for sharing".
Sophie Alize Fiannane; Professional Star Performer

"Very well presented. I've learned so much today and know my students will benefit and so will I!!I can't wait to sit quietly, go over my notes and think about how to incorporate this wisdom into my classes... THANK YOU”.
Min Adlide; Oasis Dance Studio 

"Loved it. It reinforced what I have been doing but also gave me new ideas which inspire me to continue teaching as a true craft. I would love to do more with you".
Kerry Stewart: Senior Writer Australia Bellydance Oasis Magazine

"Loved it. I have been looking for something like this for years. Thank you."
Robyn Blackley (Rabiya) Professional Performer

“I am thirsty for knowledge about how to become a better teacher – this workshop ticked all the boxes for me – plus, plus. Thank you for references to go to”.
Susan Gleeson

Certification Intensive Sydney 2014“Excellent workshop. Enjoyed the concept of ‘STRUCTURE’ and ‘PRECISE’ methodology. Group interaction and ideas from others useful too”.
Esther Euripidou

 “Inspiring! Very well structured. Excellent explanations. Very practical and helpful. Love the group activity”.
Sue Kennedy

“Wonderful. Found it really easy to take in because of the structure being so artistically delivered e.g. tribes, families, breakdown, breakdown. It’s so parallel with what I believe and I got a lot from how to deliver and structure class e.g. filing system”.
Ostara Fletcher

“Brilliant. A lot of great information. I do have your (DVD Program) course already and it has been very helpful with my teaching. Thank you”.
Kelly Byrne

“Really enjoyed and appreciated that information and breakdown of technique and how to bring more spirit into teaching to attain better balance for self and students. Enjoyed the group exercise very much – great teaching tool”.
Lyn Torbarina

“Very helpful. I feel more aware of my teaching. More confident. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you”.
Dominique Martin

Certification Intensive Sydney 2014“Absolutely inspiring – Shemiran has so much experience, knowledge and passion for Belly Dancing. For her to pass on so much information is generous and a true reflection of who she is. I am thoroughly grateful, and have a better understanding to build on”.
Ashley Carr 

“The workshop has renewed my love of Belly Dance as an art form and a technical methodology of dance. I feel prepared to pass on this passion to others and to help them to learn to Bellydance and improvise safely and well".
Jessie Hartley

“Thank you for your wonderful workshop. I can't thank you enough for giving me the confidence to boldly walk into such a lovely (belly dance teaching) job”.
Robyn Richardson

"I feel enlightened. Thank you!"
Rachel Howard

"Thank you Shemiran for an inspiring and insightful series of seminars. The information was easily accessible and I wil be able to implement the concepts into my classes immediately. I also learnt a lot about my pwersonal teaching approach and you have given me valuable tools to utlize to improve my skills and value of my classes to my studetns".
Kylie Morrison

“What an absolutely inspiring weekend! I have a wonderful new sense for the essence of my business...”
Sarah Fletcher

With Jodi Negri ~ Certification Intensive Sydney 2016"Have spent a lovely 2 days at Shemiran Ibrahim's Belly Dance From The Heart Method Intensive with a truly amazing group of ladies. Thanks Shemiran, for sharing with us this wonderful program and nurturing us to dance and teach from the heart, your loving guidance has re-awakened for me the joy and passion that I was afraid had faded away. "
Jodi Negri 

“This retreat has helped me to find ME; and now move forward in my business and life with balance and confidence and love”.
Cathy Howe

“Thank you Keti Sharif and Shemiran Ibrahim for your unique Teachers Training Weekend. You covered so many valuable topics to inspire and advance bellydance in business and dance journeys”.
Shira of QLD

“Thank you all for a wonderful weekend. Have come away with renewed energy for my dancing and teaching!”
Mikola Lee

“A wealth of wisdom and inspiration, so much information. From all of my heart and beyond thank you thank you thank you - I enjoyed everyone and everything!”

Lisa Le Fae

“This course has opened new doors for my teaching journey. Shemiran has created a powerful and empowering tool to help bring the feminine into belly dance. This course is a very thorough, well planned and logical step by step instuction for teachers to use and follow with ease and confidence. Thank you, Shemiran, for putting this method together to share and instill meaning for new students”
Jodi Negri; Belly Dance Teacher and Professional Performer

“Renewed enthusisam to start a Belly Dance class - 'Flexible Body, Flexible Mind, Flexible Life to Freedom'. Thank you Shemiran for your wonderful clarity, wisdom and care during these two days of certification. Incredible clear manual, DVD and CD to utilize”.
Susan de Castella; Thrive Breathwork Coach

Certification Intensive Sydney 2011“Inspirational to say the least. Transformational. With loads of practical tools and advice as well as beautiful community of dance teachers”.
Angela McWhinney 

“Dear Shemiran. An amazing 2 days! Thank you! I loved the structure of the course and how you took us through each step in progrssive order. It is so fabulours to have the course content you have put togther. I think it will be so valuable. I loved the two days, and will go home with a structured approach to teaching belly dance. Perfect!!”
Sue McKeon

“Blessed to be here in person (2 Day Intensive). Validated my thoughts and ideas with encouragment and praise. A welcome journey to teaching. Practical well thought out material, delivered in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Created a safe enironment to share the scary stuff”.
Sandy Reid

“I found Shem to be very knowledgable and appreicate her sharing her expeirence with us. Shem creates a safe and comfortable space in which to learn and grow"
Amy Shoog

“Provided insight into myself as a teacher, service provider, marketer and business person (to be). Safe environment (at 2 Day Intensive) that was supportive and with bourndaries. Organsied, structured and well presented, and also went with the flow of the group when needed. I feel I have received a lot of benefit from the group, the workshop, the course and the facilitator (Shemiran)”.
Susan Friend; Midwife, Bellydance for Birth 

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How to Teach Belly Dance - 
Belly Dancing from the Heart Method
Home Study Professional Training Program 

Review by Amera Eid

Australian Belly Dance legend Amera Eid reviews Shemiran Ibrahim's "How to Teach Belly Dance - Belly Dancing from the Heart Method" Teacher Training Program

"I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of Shemiran “Belly Dancing from the Heart Method” DVD pack for review.

It took me a while to spend the amount of time needed to digest, and go through the content, which is extensive and intensive – but a definite valuable resource, that is clearly not available anywhere else . 

Teaching Belly Dance is not an easy task, we don’t have any formal qualifications, to class ourselves as a formal “Belly Dance Teacher”, or a higher body or an association that we can turn to for insight into specific “Belly Dance Teaching” , as is sometimes available in other dance genres   - so having this Belly Dance Teacher Training DVD from Shemiran’s perspective of teaching Belly Dance – (which is definitely something that she hasn’t put together in a rush !) – needed the same – a slow intense digestion of a method that needs to be watched from the growth , like a new baby taking its first steps. 

To teach our Dance, a dance of the people, and transport it to the people in the best way that we know how, from “ the heart “ , is the pulse point of this Belly Dance Teacher Training DVD. Shemiran takes us through her experiences, just like a mother does to a child, and shows the viewer a shared insight through teaching her own class. 

The  Belly Dance Teacher Training DVD is packed with so much information , it is a resource that can be gone over and over again – with your experience as a new teacher, new information will be unveiled, each moment that you revisit the content. Through your own experiences, when you embark on a career as a Belly Dance Teacher, you will find it as a great guide to teaching Beginners. 

If you combine this Resource of “Belly Dance from the Heart Method” for your teaching curriculum, and ongoing training into Middle Eastern Dance with Master Teachers, further your study of the dance with past and present Masters of Middle Eastern Dance -  you will have a strong foundation to pass on to your students!" 

Very Highly Reccomended ~! 

Amera Eid

Teacher and Performer of Middle Eastern Dance for 25 years and Founder of


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