Belly Dance Teacher Training DVD

Review by Amera Eid

Australian Belly Dance legend Amera Eid reviews Shemiran Ibrahim's "How to Teach Belly Dance - Belly Dancing from the Heart Method" Teacher Training Program

"I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of Shemiran “Belly Dancing from the Heart Method” DVD pack for review.

It took me a while to spend the amount of time needed to digest, and go through the content, which is extensive and intensive – but a definite valuable resource, that is clearly not available anywhere else . 

Teaching Belly Dance is not an easy task, we don’t have any formal qualifications, to class ourselves as a formal “Belly Dance Teacher”, or a higher body or an association that we can turn to for insight into specific “Belly Dance Teaching” , as is sometimes available in other dance genres   - so having this Belly Dance Teacher Training DVD from Shemiran’s perspective of teaching Belly Dance – (which is definitely something that she hasn’t put together in a rush !) – needed the same – a slow intense digestion of a method that needs to be watched from the growth , like a new baby taking its first steps. 

To teach our Dance, a dance of the people, and transport it to the people in the best way that we know how, from “ the heart “ , is the pulse point of this Belly Dance Teacher Training DVD. Shemiran takes us through her experiences, just like a mother does to a child, and shows the viewer a shared insight through teaching her own class. 

The  Belly Dance Teacher Training DVD is packed with so much information , it is a resource that can be gone over and over again – with your experience as a new teacher, new information will be unveiled, each moment that you revisit the content. Through your own experiences, when you embark on a career as a Belly Dance Teacher, you will find it as a great guide to teaching Beginners. 

If you combine this Resource of “Belly Dance from the Heart Method” for your teaching curriculum, and ongoing training into Middle Eastern Dance with Master Teachers, further your study of the dance with past and present Masters of Middle Eastern Dance -  you will have a strong foundation to pass on to your students!" 

Very Highly Reccomended ~! 

Amera Eid

Teacher and Performer of Middle Eastern Dance for 25 years


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