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The No-Period Birth Control Pill
By Gina Cloud © 2007

Gina Cloud
Women's bodies are the cash cows of the pharmaceutical industry, and I've had enough of them and the idea that ANYTHING my body does needs to be micromanaged with yet another pill that makes billionaires of drug developers. They are pushers, and they solicit us legally and openly, even through TV ads. And while many innocuous drugs are still illegal, these very dangerous drugs are actually FDA approved. We should have a vice squad to round these people up and send them to jail, where they belong, in my opinion. They are single-handedly responsible for what I consider to be the genocide of many, many women.

Do you remember the big HRT scam they ran on women that was abruptly halted because women were DYING from using their hormone replacement therapy? And it was stopped by THEM, as they could not deny that what they were pushing was so dangerous they couldn't sweep it under the carpet this time.

And here we are now with their new birth control pill, Lybrel, the answer to women's prayers (their idea, not mine), no more periods for as long as you want. It infuriates me that they think it's okay to introduce things into the marketplace that affect women's bodies and our sensitive hormonal balance, with LITTLE OR NO LONG-STANDING RESEARCH. In fact, in a book called "Just Like a Woman" which chronicles the evolution of the much-needed gender-based medical research, it explores why clinical tests for medications, in particular heart medications, were, for many years, only tested on men. This was after they discovered that women were having severely different reactions which were many times life-threatening.

The response to the question of why the drugs were only tested on men was "because women's hormonal systems are too complicated." Duh!!!!!! Which is why you can't mess with them. Which is why this pill is nonsense, and a precursor to even more drug-induced medical problems for women. Which, by the way, will allow them to develop MORE DRUGS to sell us for the dysfunction and illness they are creating in our bodies. And they get richer, and women get sicker and more destroyed as women, because this industry attacks the foundation of what it means to be women, by implying mostly covertly, but often overtly, that we are damaged goods and suffer BECAUSE we are women. Do they do this intentionally? Is it a conspiracy? I have no idea, but I do know that what they do, they do most probably unconsciously, driven by greed, and certainly not with the desire to help, heal, and let us not forget the hypocratic oath, first to do no harm. It's turned into the hypocritic oath, and we have got to stop them. We have the power to stop them by informing ourselves. Knowledge is power, and when you are a woman, it can literally save your life.

There was an article on the front page of the NY Times announcing the arrival of this latest scam on unsuspecting women. (NY Times Article, April 21, 2007). One of the advocates for the pill (and thankfully there are many against it) said something so ridiculous I have to repeat it here to illustrate my point. Linda C. Andric, a professor at MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston said, "We don't want to confront our bodily functions anymore. We're too busy." A good friend of mine made me laugh when she read that and said, "So what now, I don't want to deal with my bodily functions? Is there a pill I can take so I don't have to pee?"

Ms. Andrist's statement is actually quite profound and goes to the heart of what I feel is the problem with all of this: The denial and lack of acceptance of women as women. By ourselves and others. The fact that we as women want to give up or change what is inherently female within us allows these pushers to get to us. The way the creator made us is perfect in my mind, and that includes my monthly cycle, (which I see as a gift and a blessing) pregnancy and birth, and menopause. In fact, where would the medical profession and the drug companies be without obstetrics and gynaecology? They micro-manage every one of our natural biological functions and create the dysfunction that they then manage with drugs, which create a domino effect in our hormonally complex bodies. And men, if you're reading this, I know that if your natural biological functions were under attack the way ours are, you wouldn't tolerate it.

A bit about this pill. You take it as prescribed and you can stop your periods for as long as you like. Did you know that ALL HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL prevents a true period from occurring? A natural menstrual cycle is triggered by a series of hormonal actions, not the least of which is ovulation, which produces ovarian progesterone. When you take hormonal birth control, you by definition have to suppress ovulation in order for it to be effective and achieve the aim of not getting pregnant. The "period" that women get on hormonal birth control is not a period. It's break-through bleeding, giving you the illusion you have your period because you see blood for a couple of days. The ONLY reason you see that blood is because you stop taking the pills and interrupt the constant level of the hormones. That shift causes break-through bleeding, but it is NOT a period. This NY Times article even cops to this, using that to say, well, if women using hormonal BC aren't having true periods anyway, what's the big deal? Don't you find it interesting that they haven't really openly disclosed that until now - when they need it to support their manipulations? But now they want to sell you this by saying that you haven't really been having a period anyway. I wonder if most women knew in advance that being on birth control effectively stops your TRUE cycle, whether many would have declined to use it at all. So what am I ranting about? It's the lack of full disclosure and the manipulation inherent in that.

As I mentioned previously, knowledge is power. Ladies, our bodies are beautiful and perfect as originally designed. Our periods are an important part of our lives, and many women are uncomfortable with the idea of not having a period. In our lives, not having one signals that we are pregnant (which is good or bad, depending), or that something is wrong with our health. If we eliminate this natural, normal and healthy process from our biology, we are opening a Pandora's Box of health problems. The doctors and pharmaceutical industry wish to convince you otherwise. Don't listen without doing your own research. My life is about bringing to women and men everywhere the whole story, the truth, so we can be empowered to choose wisely and FULLY-INFORMED.

You've all seen those drug advertisements on TV these days, and by law, they have to mention the side effects. Have you ever wondered, really wondered why all these drugs have so many side effects? The answer is at the root of why most of Western medicine fails us and makes us sick instead of well. These drugs have significant side effects because the body is holistic and these drugs are not. Do you honestly think that if you take a drug for your heart, that it just goes to your heart, as if it were hermetically sealed in a container? We are led to believe these drugs are safe, but as they "fix" one problem, they manufacture many more. Everything in our bodies works together. You can't treat one part and not affect the whole. This concept is the foundation of all traditional medicine, and the key missing link in Western medicine.

Now think about the endocrine system, which produces and circulates the hormones all throughout our bodies. If we start playing with the ratios, it stands to reason, just pure logic, that you are going to upset the balance, and when anything goes out of balance, you have problems. And women who use these synthetic hormones do have problems. Please, inform yourselves. Even if you are currently using hormonal birth control in any form, at least know what the facts are, and make an informed decision about your health. You won't get this information from M.D.'s., with the exception of those who are also involved in holistic medicine, and thankfully, there are more turning in that direction.

But don't take my rantings at face value (except for those of you know already know me personally and know my madness is solidly rooted in facts). Here are two resources that I use to educate myself. One is a woman who has been on my show many times, Dr. Judi Gerstung, who is the author of a book called "The Estrogen Alternative" and is really all about the hormone hoax that's going on in the mainstream. This book is a must for all women. You can listen to our many interviews on synthetic vs. natural hormones and a recent show on hormonal birth control. Simply go to Contact Talk Radio. Click on Gina Cloud on the hosts panel and scroll through the archives to find us. You can also go to her website, Estrogen Issues.

And if you really want to go full tilt into knowledge, there is no better source for real information on our hormones than the now deceased John Lee, M.D. He is my mentor on paper. I wish I had discovered him before he died, but his body of work is huge and lives on. This man was a western M.D., an OB/GYN, who woke up to what doctors were doing to women with synthetic hormones and learned to really heal women using bioidentical progesterone (not synthetic, which is used in all hormonal birth control). His website is

I am a passionate and fervent believer in empowering ourselves. I personally do not use any forms of hormonal birth control and will never take synthetic hormones, because as I have learned, there is a safe and natural alternative, should the need arise. Knowing my body through my connection to its innate cycles has made me feel the deep wisdom that lives within me as a woman, and it is a vital part of being a W.O.M.A.N. I know that many of my readers rely on the information I bring to them, and I want you to know that whatever I speak about, I have the facts and information to back it up. And more importantly, I live these truths everyday.

Our bodies are repositories of wisdom. They are perfect to me. How can we possibly believe we can change the complex recipe that is as yummy and delicious as the nectar that woman is, pure ambrosia, and not end up with kool-aid? Okay, so some of you actually like kool-aid. To each his own, but choose wisely!

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