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Empower the Feminine

A three part series


The Feminine has been beaten out of individuals, girls and boys, and society at large for so long, that our world is like a desert dying for some rain to bring back the balance. The female body, feelings and sensuality, the expression of emotions, imagination and intuition, and everything else that is of a Feminine nature became demonised in our history. The result is generations upon generations of women disconnected to their true femininity, deprived of a joyful experience of their feminine bodies, and what it really means to be female.

As a teacher and performer of the ancient practice of Belly Dance, I have seen how this dance has imbedded within its movements and practices a very powerful antidote to the degradation of the Feminine that we all suffer from today.

If you’re asking “what is the Feminine?” please read on, these articles are for you! If you understand the gender of things, and feel the excruciating imbalance in our personal lives and around the world, I hope this series of articles will give you some solace and further information.

This series of articles includes three parts;

Part 1; What is the Feminine? Understanding the Principle of Gender.
Explains the gender of things in simple terms.

Part 2; What happened to the Feminine?
How the Feminine got denigrated and how it affects us all today.

Part 3; How to Empower your Feminine spirit through Belly Dance
How Belly Dancing specifically empowers the Feminine spirit in women, and is also a great tool to improve ones relationship to the Masculine principle; this includes practical ways of using Belly Dance for these purposes.

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