Belly Dance Teacher Certification by Correspondence

 Certification for Shemiran Ibrahim's "Belly Dancing from the Heart Method" Teacher Training Program for Middle Eastern Dance teachers is now available by Correspondence Certification world-wide.

Certification is granted when a teacher/teacher in training passes four units, based on Shemiran's "How to Teach Belly Dance" Program which is available in a double DVD/Handbook/CD package. The four units of Certification are:

Unit 1:
The Craft of Teaching; Awakening Teacher Mind & Teacher Spirit   

Unit 2:
The Business End of Things                                                   

Unit 3:
Curriculum & Teaching Method

Unit 4:
Short Video Assessment         

Each Unit is $55 USD. Purchase all 4 Units as a package and receive certification postage FREE save $20.       


Why Get Certified?

There are many reasons to get Certified! A few are:

  • "The Ibrahim Method" aka "The Belly Dancing from the Heart Method" is now being used across the globe from the USA, to Japan, UK, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia and NZ. Join the international community using this method and be part of this network for continued support on your teaching journey.

  • Belly Dance Teacher Certification helps elevate your professionalism and levels of skill, and mastery of the craft of teaching.

  • Students love to know their teacher is Certified, as it gives them confidence that they will receive a quality learning experience.   

How to Get Certified:                                           

Before applying for Correspondence Certification you must own your own copy of "How to Teach Belly Dance" Program - your name will be on our database. Go to the SHOP to purchase "How to Teach Belly Dance" if you don't already own your own copy.

After you study the Program in depth you need to pass the 4 Units as outlined above to receive Certification. Once you finish each Unit you email/mail it to Shemiran, she marks in and will then get in touch with you.

Once you pass Unit 4, pay for postage of your Certificate, and a beautiful stamped Certificate will be on its way to you in the mail to adorn your studio walls. You and your studio/classes will be then added to our Teachers' Directory.

Please note: Shemiran marks assessments one week every two months. The last week of February, April, June, August, Oct and excludes December. So if you send your assessment in the middle of a marking cycle, please be aware that you will get your marked assessment only in the weeks shown above.   


Each Unit is $55

Postage of Certificate alone is $20

To purchase please Fill out the form.


Important Note: Please read all the steps and conditions below prior to making your payment.


  1. Only owners of Shemiran's "How to Teach Belly Dance - Belly Dancing from the Heart Method Teacher Training Program" qualify to sit for Correspondence Certification Assessment. If you do not own your own copy, you will not be on our database of program owners. To own your own copy before applying for Certification, please go to "How to Teach Belly Dance" double DVD/CD/Handbook Training Program page.
  2. You will have 3 months to finish each Unit, using Shemiran's training program as a base for your studies.
  3. Shemiran reserves the right to not certifiy a teacher in training/teacher if she feels that teacher needs more preparation and studies before receiving certification.
  4. Teachers who fail the assessment will be given a second chance and more time to build their skills, review their answers and repeat their assessment.

 All the very best to all our teachers and teachers in training!


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