Benefits of Belly Dance Teacher Training & Addressing Teacher Training Needs in the Belly Dance Community

"The will to win is important. The will to prepare is vital"

Joe Paterno - American Football Coach


When a teacher of our dance starts teaching, she/he is taking on a great honor and a huge responsibility. A responsibility towards their students, towards the dance itself, and towards the industry as a whole.

In most cases though, teachers of Belly Dance find themselves without appropriate coaching, nurturance and preparation upon embarking on their teaching journey, and in many cases find themselves in the same position even after years of teaching. Specialised, targetted and highly professional teacher training that is accessible and affordable has been largely missing.

One of the greatest challenges facing the evolution of Oriental Dance in the west is that there is no standardized methodology for teaching it to western women.  There is no quality control and no required qualification for teachers. Over the decades this has proven detrimental to the industry, as many students of the dance who are not ready to teach start their own classes in their local suburbs and in many cases do not have the knowledge or experience needed to pass on this ancient and complex dance practice. This can have detrimental effects on the teacher, the students and the evolution of the dance itself.

When there is a lack of preparation, it not only detrimentally affects the quality of the teaching and hence student experience, it goes deeper than that. It hurts the teacher. The school often doesn't flourish. Numbers and bookings decrease with time, and the teacher often doesn't know why. Income does not flow in easily keeping the teacher's teaching in the category of a not for profit hobby instead of an abundantly rewarding passion.

After a while of a teaching and business not flourishing due to lack of training in teaching craft and business skills, any teacher will lose heart! Over time, this affects self esteem and can very often lead to stopping following the dream of teaching altogether. When a born teacher does not teach, they feel pain.

I passionately believe there is a need to educate, nurture, nourish and inspire our teachers and our teachers-to-be to help raise the bar to excellence, and ultimately empower them to run successful, abundant, and joyful Belly Dance classes and studios. Education in excellence in the following areas is vital;

  • Excellence in technique break-down;
    A lack of good teacher training can lead to teaching incorrect technique, which can lead to the students’ movements not feeling or looking good at best, or actually causing student injury at worst. If students do not feel good dancing or do not get taught the movements in a way that is easy to follow they drop out, some never to return. That within itself is a tragedy, as Belly Dance's benefits are so great and multi-layered, turning away from it due to a bad learning experience robs the woman from what could have developed into a rich resource of wellbeing accross all the seasons of her life.

  • Excellence in curriculum delivery;
    Overwhelming students is an unfortunate epidemic in Belly Dance classes across the world. Psychiatrist Rashid Elisha said “To arrive at the simple is difficult.” Because breaking the dance down and creating a successful Curriculum is actually a difficult task, many teachers fall into the trap of giving too much too soon and causing overwhelm, or covering the same thing over and over and creating boredom and student stagnation. Giving our teachers a successful, logical, highly methodical step-by-step Curriculum upon which to build the foundation of their students’ dance skill will elevate the level of the dance school experience across the industry.
  • Excellence in running their Belly Dance teaching business;
    An enormous amount of energy, time and money can go into marketing classes; teachers need to learn how to get it right. Then, when the enthusiastic and often nervous Beginners flock to that first course, the challenge is to know how to package the dance and their class experience for the students to keep them coming back. If they keep coming back the teacher earns her/his bread, their business and sense of joy grow, the students’ sense of confidence and love of the dance grow, and our community in the long run grows stronger. Women flock to our classes across the country every year and a small fraction on average stay to become Intermediates/Advanced dancers and help fuel our industry and move the dance forward. What if we could help each teacher/school across the country learn some skills to increase their student retention rate? With over 15 years combined experience in advertising, marketing, small business operation, and running a Belly Dance teaching business, I would like to help our teachers better their business growth skills.
  • Excellence in Teaching Craft;
    Teachers need to learn the craft of teaching; the art of it and the science of it – the heart of it and the logic of it. Great teachers, like great dancers, strike a balance between the two and create magic. John Ruskins, British art critic and social thinker said “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece”.  

Teaching Belly Dance can be methodical, logical, simple, artistic, creative, joyful, profitable, empowering, balanced and fun!

Over the years of teaching and teacher training I have put together a comprehensive, logical, methodical, and easy to follow step-by-step teaching method covering all the points above called “Shemiran Ibrahim’s Belly Dancing from the Heart Method”, also known as "The Ibrahim Method". I have put this into a Double DVD/Music CD/Teacher Handbook/Student Guide Program called “How to Teach Belly Dance”.

In addition to the above my method helps western teachers bring in some lovely Middle Eastern essence into their classroom experience as I was born and bred in Iraq, with part of my early years lived in the west. As a result my teaching method helps western teachers learn how to pass on this dance to western women with an emphasis on Orientale elegance, cultivating improvisational skills and self-expression, and a sense of Middle Eastern joy and essence.

Overwhelming gratitude and postive feedback on how this simple method has alchemised teachers' expereinces of teaching and growing their businesses has come through over the years. To read some industry and teachers-in-training testimonials, click here.

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