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Belly Dance teachers are very special creatures. They hear The Call to Teach, and cannot ignore it. The Call to Teach Belly Dance does not knock on the door to every dancer's heart. Only a few. A few special souls, who know in their bones they need to pass on something precious. If you are one, this site is dedicated to empowering and inspiring you, so that you can empower and inspire the women in your community with the gift of Belly Dance.

You can do this!
All love
Shemiran Ibrahim 


Belly Dancing from the Heart Method of teaching Middle Eastern Dance is so simple for the students, so incredibly effective, even children can understand it, assimilate it, and put it to use. See Shemiran dance here with her student Angela at Sydney's MED Festival concert "Dancing with the Stars".


The ancient art form and dance practice of Raqs Sharqi, or Oriental Dance, commonly known in the West as "Belly Dance", has been part of everyday life in the Middle East for centuries.  It is a powerful tool for today's woman to get back in touch with a more feminine, sensual, graceful and joyful sense of her womanhood, and at once discover self-possession, core strengths and innate abilities that have by and large been long-lost in the West. 


Shemiran Ibrahim is the award winning Middle Eastern Dance teacher who created the simple, logical, step-by-step teaching method for teaching Belly Dance to modern women called “Belly Dancing from the Heart Method”. Her Belly Dance teacher certification program has been used for years to rave reviews by non-Middle Eastern teachers of Belly Dance in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, South America, Asia, South Africa and New Zealand. This Method currently has 340 teachers of Belly Dance using it worldwide.

Shemiran’s Belly Dance classes and workshops are known for their excellence in both technique and teaching women how to allow their spirit to soar through the empowering moves of Middle Eastern Dance. Her teaching method is known for its simplicity, coherence and delivering joyful experiences to students. Read what women have to say about the effects of Shemiran’s teaching on their lives – click here.

Her Belly Dance Teacher Trainings and Home Study Programs aid Belly Dance teachers in teaching improvisation to their students; a difficult task that rewards women with the ability to let their spirit fly through their own self-expression, however the Method is just as effective in teaching the foundations necessary for choreography based Belly Dance. Her method is helping teachers of Belly Dancing around the world more effectively deliver this complex and ancient dance form with integrity and technical excellence, simultaneously being able to pass on the joy and magic Belly Dance offers, reminding women that their beauty is in their hearts, and their spirit is alive. Read what Belly Dance instructors have to say about how Shemiran’s teaching method has inspired and empowered their teaching – click here.

Join the revolution, teach Belly Dance with excellence, raise the bar for yourself, your students and future generations of women attracted to our wonderful dance.