Todays is the day! If you need to contact me urgently for last minute tickets or questions
I'm on 0425 838 159. See you there! 


This wonderful afternoon with two world class teachers and a great group of dancers will include:

2pm - 3.30pm:  Devi Mamek Masterclass:

In this workshop Devi will take you through a series of simple and fun exercises that will give you the tools to creatively breakdown the art of true "on the spot" improvisation, weather it be as a soloist or in a group. Breaking down the process step by step we will explore musical phrasing, space and time, balance, communication, expression, expansion in movement and grace in technique. This workshop is not simply about putting the music on and letting participants "go for it". Instead Devi will give participants a step by step guide of the various aspects of improvisation and a way of tracking these points during performance. Please bring your love of music, pen and paper. Suitable for dancers of all levels and genres.

3.30pm - 5pm: Shemiran Ibrahim Masterclass: 

There are techniques for dealing with the fear that causes many dancers to 'freeze' when trying to dance outside of a choreography. They are a necessary part of your dance tool-kit, as every dancer's spirit wants a chance to fly, to spread its wings and express itself in the moment. This has a very pleasurable and nourishing effect on the dancer, as it allows her her own self expression and takes her dancing into a whole new powerful dimension. Learn Shemiran's simple 3 Step Process to turn fear into freedom. You will experience this in class! And gain tools to free your body from stress, which opens the flow of your instinctual intuitive movement, allowing you to experience more ease, grace, flow, self possession and pleasure.

5pm - 5.15pm: Workshops will end with Open Dance Cirlce

Put what you learnt into practice! This is an important segment of the workshops where you get to put the techniques to the test. These world-class teachers are dedicated to a safe learning space. You will be held in both physical and emotional safety, while you learn to open up and flow your own dance. This will be an encouraging and positive environment, so allow yourself to have a go! Nobody will be pressured to dance, but if you feel like it, you will have the support of a gorgeous circle of women. 

5.15pm - 6pm: Afternoon Tea, Stall & Henna (depending on numbers)

Grab a cuppa and cake ; ' ) Buy & sell at the stall, book a henna tattoo, meet some great friendly dancers, chat to the teachers ... pls note henna will only take place if enough people book.

6pm - 6.30/7pm: Performances - friendly supportive space, have a go! This will take place if attendees choose to perform. 

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Through the afternoon there will be a table for costume/jewellry/prop sales and exchange....use this chance to de-clutter & refresh your dance wardrobe - bring your good quality wares if they need a new home! 

Please note: Venue has moved to Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains. 


Thank you, we can't wait to see you on the day! Le le le le leeee... Shemi & Devi xo